Why Comprehensive College Consulting?

The college admission process is one of the biggest sources of anxiety for high school students and their families. Parents and students feel overwhelmed by the enormity of the task and the sheer number of things to keep track of. When should students start visiting schools? When should they take the SAT? Or should they take the ACT? Should they apply Early decision or Early action? And apply where?  What’s the difference between a reach, a target, and a safety school? How many of each should be on the list? What should a student’s common application essay topic focus on to demonstrate personal development, insight, and motivation?

That’s where Comprehensive College Consulting comes in! Our team takes pride in advising high school students how best to prepare for a successful college admission process: from creating the most appropriate college list to crafting personalized applications that spotlight their individual strengths and more, while enabling them to have the time and the energy to devote to their academic, extracurricular, and personal lives.  Most importantly, we are there every step of the way and even make it fun and rewarding!

Our customized and hourly packages are tailored to the needs of each individual student and family.

Financial installment plans are available.

For more information or to request a complimentary consultation, please submit an online inquiry or call us at (508) 572-0681.

You may also email us directly at compcolcon@gmail.com

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