Credibility is one of the most important criteria to consider when choosing a college consulting company. Learn what satisfied clients and colleagues have to say about our services.

Here are just a few representative examples.

“Three words to describe the service – Norma is amazing! As a very experienced counselor that has literally guided 1000s of students over the years, we were very fortunate to have Norma guiding our high school senior this academic year. Norma is a quintessential professional – she knows the business, the types of things that admissions officers look for and most importantly the ability to deftly yet firmly manage high school seniors. We have been very happy with Norma’s services in guiding our son and look forward to the results of the college application process now. Highly recommend Norma and CCC for your high school senior getting ready for college.”

Preethi G., Parent

“Norma was awesome. She helped my parents and me choose colleges that were right for me and the results proved it! She organized all my work, continually reminded me about the deadlines for my college planning “homework,” was so supportive, especially when my parents were bugging the heck out of me. Has anyone else talked about her great sense of humor?!”

Michelle S., Student

“I find it so difficult to express how much Norma has helped me over the past two years. Those long conversations on the phone and all your help on SAT prep – you are wonderful and knowledgeable to learn from. I still talk about you all the time and find myself teaching younger students all you have shared with me.”

Gabrielle P., Student

“Colleagues for 23 years at both Wayland High School and later at a college counseling company in the Boston area, Norma and I worked closely with students who deemed her the counselor “extraordinaire”. Although there were inside candidates campaigning for the job of Guidance Department Chair in 1987, the administration chose Norma, only briefly “an outsider,” for her expertise in college counseling and her ability to touch the lives of everyone, students and faculty alike, in a positive and professional way. I can think of no one more capable, more talented to start up her own company and help young people and their parents with the college process. Simply said, she is the best in the business.”

Helene Lerner, Colleague
Classical Studies and Modern Languages Department Chair Emeritus, Wayland High School, Wayland MA

“As an Educator with over 40-years of experience, I personally believe that Norma has the personal and professional qualities that make her well-suited for leadership. She’s naturally fallen into the role of a “point person” that many of us go to with questions. She’s not afraid to take risks and often suggests new directions to explore. Norma was instrumental in introducing our educational guidance system for training; a direction that has proven to be very fruitful. She’s committed to quality, growth, and progress, and she inspires her students and team members to strive for the same. Students truly valued her acceptance, impartiality, and listening skills. In short, Norma is a person with vision and talent that truly understands students, and was extremely active in all aspects of our school system.”

James Murphy, Colleague
Mathematics Department Chair Emeritus, Wayland Middle School, Wayland, MA

“I’m a licensed psychotherapist and I’ve been able to confidently refer and connect my clients to the fantastic services that Comprehensive College Consultants offer. The level of care and attention to detail for students is beyond compare. Your child/student will find the support invaluable. Highly recommend.”

Dilyse D., Licensed Psychotherapist and Wellness Coach

“We were so grateful to have Norma throughout the college process. She offered support and was always upfront with college statistics and realistic expectations. She helped my daughter get started with the overwhelming college prompts and create a plan to do them while still keeping her own voice. She also has a great sense of humor that always lightened the mood with the uncertainty of the college process. She and my daughter have a great relationship and really enjoyed working with each other. Finally, she was always there for a last minute question or piece of advice. Thank you Norma for all of your help. We couldn’t have gone through this crazy process without your knowledge and support!”

Jill S., Parent

“Norma transformed what could have been a tension-filled daunting experience for my son into a manageable, positive process. Norma has a gift for motivating a most difficult age group and it is clear that she genuinely cares for her students and provides them with the tools that they need to succeed.”

Janet R., Parent

“Finding a college takes a lot of energy, time and bandwidth.  As a family, we felt overwhelmed and couldn’t handle another parenting duty.  Norma helped our son discover opportunities that we didn’t know existed.  She was very responsive to us and offered valuable guidance throughout the college preparation, essay and application process. Our son got in to all of the schools in which she applied, even his stretch school. We credit Norma with helping us to make sure his resume, application and essays were top notch. We will always be grateful for everything Norma has done for us!”

Jason C., Parent 

Norma, we can not thank you enough for your guidance throughout this whole process. We will be in touch with you again when our second son (currently a sophomore) begins his college search.”

Stacey L., Parent

“Norma was so knowledgeable, warm, and encouraging, and kept everything organized which helped enormously to reduce stress for my daughter and our family. She had a number of excellent acceptances at some colleges which we never would have considered. We could not have done it without her.”

Wendy C., Parent

“Ms. Greenberg was my college counselor. She discussed academic and other options with me in a way that I wasn’t experiencing at home – not for lack of parental enthusiasm or involvement, but – as my mother would tell me these days – I wasn’t very interested in listening to my parents back then. Ms. Greenberg talked to me like I was at the wheel, and she pointed out what various options might look like and how I might best position myself to achieve them. She was also a great listener, and helped me to navigate some particularly stubborn teen angst. I’ve always remembered her as someone who cared about me personally and was able to help me to carve out meaningful space for me to grow and explore my future.”

Carole M., Student

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